Cali Plug dispensary/Shop was founded in 2006 and is a significant influencer in the cannabis space, with approximately 200,000 Instagram followers.

July 2020, was the target date for the grand opening of this store. Through this project, Cali Plug dispensary is expanding distribution into the Greater Los Angeles Area in collaboration with the brand new top Cali weed dispensaries.

Cali Plug features the top Cali products in its store online and uses its social media platforms to promote the Cali plug brand. Cali Plug has estimated foot traffic to exceed 1,000 customers daily for the Cali plug main online store. The first dispensary is prominently located in downtown Los Angeles.


Cali plug dispensary/shop is a powerhouse for premium indoor cultivation weed flowers. Moving into the market with top Cali weed brands flagship retail is going to be an incredible collaborative force,” stated Cali Plug owner and founder Mick Mayers. “The flower is going to fly off the shelves. The consumers demand the quality that the Cali Plug Farms can produce.”

Cannabis sales in California are expected to exceed $7.1-billion (U.S.) for 2022, with more than half of that happening in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Southern California is the largest cannabis consumer market in the world.

“This agreement helps us realize our broader strategy of aligning with authentic long-term California cannabis innovators while staying true to our end consumer.” “We continue to build out the go-to-market strategy in anticipation of imminently receiving our Daly building license.”

The Cali plug shop is responsible for the top-level lifestyle taking over Germany and the UK at the moment. We provide discreet and safe access to top quality trending cannabis products of our time. On our online shelves, you will find everything from authentic carts to real Cali buds and much more.

Stumbling on the Cali Plug might not by chance, it could be by design for you to realize one of your greatest desires.

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