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Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions on Cali Plug, top trending Cali Weed Brands and Cali Weed products.

People every where are looking for high grade and authentic Cali-based buds and carts at affordable prices. We have broken down and answered to some of the most frequently asked questions on Cali Plug deals and products.

Are Cali plug carts real?

The real and authentic cartridges is actually fire and available on stock at Cali plug official website for a pretty fair price. What would these carts be doing on weed maps if they were fake?

Is your the Cali plug menu on the official site the same as the Cali bud menu on telegram?

Basically, the Cali bud and carts menu on the official website and on telegram ought to be synchronized. meaning all products on the official website should be represented on the Cali plug telegram menu. Nevertheless, if that’s not the case, there is no need to worry. All you need do is contact our smart online support team.

Does you carry out worldwide delivery?

We shall proudly carry out discreet worldwide shipping and delivery if we are are dealing with a qualified patient or business man who’s motive for ordering is for medication and or recreation.

Is cali plug legal?

Cali Plug qualifies as one of the most trusted marijuana institutions within the United States of America and worldwide  to provide high-quality cannabis products and weed derivatives. Their health program has earned them licensing to produce and distribute within legal states.

where and how do i order Cali Weed?

Once you find your self on any page on the real Cali plug website, you are half way with process of getting the highest grade of buds on the planet delivered to your address discreetly without any alarms. Just send us a message on whatsapp or live chat and let us us guide you through.

how long will it take for Cali buds and carts to be delivered to the UK?

Depending on certain circumstances shipping Cali Buds to the UK can last for up to 5 days maximum. We offer same day delivery and express weed delivery.

Must i sign any document or show an ID before i receive my package?

We do not label or allocate clear information of the customer safety. Signing for your order to be deposited in not mandatory. delivery will be discreet. Only the customer will get information on delivery methods as negotiated with the agent taking charge of an order.

What if my order is not delivered within due time?

In case of any issues, Cali Plug will provide a replacement parcel and cover all expenses or refund in full upon the customer’s request.

What is the Cali Dispensary weed delivery success rate?

Statistics show that the Cali Bud Shop has a weed delivery success rate of about 89%.

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