cali cannabis sativa strains

Cali Cannabis Sativa strains are annual herbaceous flowering plants indigenous to Asia but now of cosmopolitan distribution due to widespread cultivation. It has been cultivated throughout recorded history.

The flowering of The Sativa Strain:

The flowers of Cali Cannabis Sativa strains are unisexual and plants are most often either male or female. It is a short-day flowering plant, with staminate (male) plants usually taller and less robust than pistillate (female or male) plants. The flowers of the female plant are arranged in racemes and can produce hundreds of seeds. Male plants shed their pollen and die several weeks prior to seed ripening on the female plants.


Under typical conditions with a light period of 12 to 14 hours, both sexes are produced in equal numbers because of heritable X and Y chromosomes. Although genetic factors dispose of a plant to become male or female, environmental factors including the diurnal light cycle can alter sexual expression. Naturally occurring monoecious plants, with both male and female parts, are either sterile or fertile but artificially induced “hermaphrodites” can have fully functional reproductive organs. “Feminized” seed sold by many commercial seed suppliers are derived from artificially “hermaphroditic” females that lack the male gene, or by treating the plants with hormones or silver thiosulfate.

Where to buy Cali Sativa strains

The Cali Pug provides access to Cali Cannabis Sativa strains on stock at all times. We grow and have selected the best collection of Sativa strains from legit and genuine dispensaries. We deliver these strains worldwide at the most affordable prices.

Traits of a typical Sativa cannabis plant:

  • Longer flowering time
  • Low yields
  • Effects: Uplifting, creative, cerebral
  • Symptom Relief: Depression, ADD/ADHD, fatigue, mood disorders
  • Morphology: Tall, lanky, thin leaves

Sativa genetics come from near the equator, where the summers are long and the winters are mild. Sativas grow long, lanky, and take their time to finish. Generally, they are not the first pick for gardeners as their height is difficult indoors while their lower yields make for a reduced profit. However, if you are more interested in growing as a connoisseur you might take great pleasure from exploring the Sativa strains and the varying effects.

Quality Offered:

These genetics do offer some good qualities when it comes to growing. The period of time it takes for a Sativa to complete its flower cycle can be offset by faster vegetative growth. Additionally, some purebred Sativas have been developed to have faster flowering times and increased yields. Coming from the equator, Sativa strains handle heat better than most Indicas, which is good for indoor gardens where temperature control is difficult or costly in the summer months.

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